Gatehouse joins global banking community to celebrate first anniversary of signing the UN Principles for Responsible Banking

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 marks the first anniversary of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. The Principles are driving banks all over the world to be better for people and the planet.

Today, more than 180 banks around the world have joined up to change the way banks do business and help deliver a fairer and more sustainable global economy. At Gatehouse, we are proud to be part of this initiative.

We are taking action to better understand the environmental and social impact of our business and innovate ways to improve this impact. Recently, some of our colleagues signed in from their home offices to update you with highlights from our progress so far.

To find out more about what banks from across the world are doing to implement the Principles for Responsible Banking, visit the UNEP website.

Read more about what we do at Gatehouse Bank here.