Competitive returns on your organisational savings through Shariah-compliant investment

Why choose Gatehouse Bank....

Gatehouse Bank is one of the fastest-growing banks of its kind in the UK. Deposit your organisational funds with us to diversify your assets, maximise your returns and benefit from:


Competitive returns

Our commercial deposits rates are among the best in the market. To date, we have delivered the full expected profit rate (EPR) to every Gatehouse customer.


Lifecycle of funds

We use commercial deposits from organisations like yours to fund home building projects across the UK and finance purchase plans for homeowners and Buy-to-Let landlords.


Socially responsible saving

The way we operate facilitates fair profit sharing and distribution of risk. We believe in a transparent, socially responsible system of finance, based on Shariah principles.

A balanced approach

Gatehouse operates under Shariah finance principles, which promote fair play in financial affairs. They support trading and enterprise that generates real wealth and benefits the wider community: stability, transparency, and the equitable distribution of risk and reward.

Isn't it exclusive to Muslim organisations and causes?

Far from it. From organisations looking for a better return to aspiring homeowners prepared to think differently, we offer a genuine alternative for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

How is Shariah finance different?

Funds are put to good use to generate profit, supported by genuine trade or investment. As interest is seen as an unfair way to generate profit and distribute risk, returns are gained through trading or leasing assets like property, and investment and treasury products. Shariah-compliant investments might take the form of residential or commercial construction projects, or buying and selling Sukuk (akin to bonds).

Funds are never used for activities or products that Shariah finance prohibits, like arms, tobacco, gambling and alcohol. As a Shariah-compliant financial institution, we have a supervisory board to oversee our investments from a social responsibility perspective.

So it's socially responsible by definition?

Yes. Shariah-compliant savings products are socially responsible by definition. So it’s no surprise that Shariah finance is growing in popularity, as a new generation of individuals and organisations look for providers that reflect their values.

How will Gatehouse use my funds?

We use commercial deposits to fund property purchase plans for UK homeowners and Buy-to-Let landlords.


Gatehouse Bank plc is a UK bank based in London, Milton Keynes and Wilmslow, and part of the Gatehouse Financial Group of companies. It is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Gatehouse Bank is part of the parent company Gatehouse Financial Group Ltd, which also includes Gatehouse Capital KSCC, based in Kuwait. The Group was established in 2015 and has maintained a successful track record in real estate finance, advisory and investment with current assets advised in excess of $1.2 billion. The Kuwait Investment Authority, one of the oldest sovereign wealth funds in the world, is one of our largest shareholders, and has played a significant role in our strategic growth.

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